Educate-x sample business website mockup

Educate-X was a client needing assistance with design and layout for a WordPress site hosted by BlueHost.  The owner already had a logo and I made design decisions based off matching that style including complimentary color palette, images , icons, stock images and typography. Client supplied all written content  within a timeframe and site was completed and launched 3 weeks later.  

Check out my blog post for New Client Branding Process if you’d  like to know more about the collaborative workflow I have with clients or scroll through the website pages below for a closer look at some of the pages. 

Ironbark Ciderworks - mock mobile website wireframe close-up

UI/UX is a large part of pre-production for website design. This involves researching your target audience – who are your clients and who makes up your audience? Defining that helps to create a site that serves their functional and aesthetic needs best – which ultimately means having a successful site. 

Prototyping is a way to create a functional preview of the site before creating it on a Wordpress platform. This helps solve layout and functionality issues. Is the flow logical, can a user find info easily, are the focus items easily found or getting lost in the pages? How easy or hard is it to purchase or donate on a site, and how can those steps be improved upon?

E-commerce sites benefit a great deal from this process.