How do you select a color palette?

Clients sometimes struggle with color palette selection and can get overwhelmed with how many options there are. If you have a logo you are already using you want to pick colors that compliment – but how do you know if one shade works better than another? 

It’s a designer job to help you with your selection, and these simple tools below can really help the process of you finding your style, aesthetic and visual identity. Your color palette is part, a large part, of your brand identity and needs to be able to stand the test of time. These resources are to here to help you explore some options and give me valuable insight into what you want your style to and first impression to reflect. 


Photo color palette generator – COOLOR

I could play on this app all day. After looking for some inspirational images on Pinterest you can upload an image to create a color palette from it. It’s game-like and actually kinda fun to play around with.   

The site has many other tools for creating amazing color palettes, but this is a feature I felt clients should know about.

A picture is worth a thousand words and color palettes!


color palette selection